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News and Announcements


We are very excited to welcome our new staff members who have joined the Yarrow Medical family.  Thank you for your patience through the months of limited staff.  Please take a moment to thank and appreciate our amazing staff whom you see out front or speak to on the phone.


In those famous words of Dr. Bonnie Henry, we ask you to be kind. Please recognize that this pandemic has been hard on everyone and it has been a challenging time for health care especially.  Please know that the doctors at Yarrow Medical are doing the best that they can to service all of their patients. Likewise the support staff are doing everything that they can to accommodate and assist all of you. Understand that the constant complaining and abuse only creates more of a burden on everyone, making it even more difficult to do our jobs.


Please be aware that we are using a new platform called "Ocean" to send secure emails to patients for laboratory requisitions, insurance forms etc.  You will be required to enter your date of birth to access this information, creating another level of security.


Please visit the BC CDC website at for all up to date information regarding COVID vaccines.  This website has information about COVID and the vaccines that are currently approved in Canada, as well as many other FAQs.

We encourage all of our patients to get vaccinated.


 Since the pandemic started most of our appointments are either virtual/video appointments or phone call appointments.  If you book a telemedicine/video appointment, the individual telemedicine links to can be found under the tab "Our Doctors", which you can access 5-10 minutes before your scheduled virtual appointment.  


We are still seeing patients in clinic, but these are usually pre-arranged by the individual physicians.  If you feel you need a clinic visit, please make a phone call appointment first to discuss your concern or issue, and the doctor will decide when and how to proceed thereafter.  We implore anyone who is sick, has traveled, or been in contact with someone who possibly has COVID-19 to please NOT present to our clinic under any circumstances.  We ask that you contact us first, such that we can discuss your individual circumstances and decide how best to proceed.

We have also improved access to our clinic by introducing an online booking system.  We ask that you please use this online booking option to book your routine appointments.  We continue to struggle to manage the overwhelming number of phone calls we receive on a daily basis, and ask that you help us make room for the more urgent matters that require a phone call to the clinic, by booking online.  If you need t0 call, and are struggling to get through on the phone, you can always email us at  

If you call and are told that the doctor is full, you may be directed to an Urgent & Primary Care Centre, the contact information is found under the "Helpful Links & Resources" tab.

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Our clinic is located in downtown Victoria.

Parking information

There are three parkades that are located within a 1 block radius of our clinic. View Street Parkade

Bay Centre Parkade and Broughton Parkade.













BC Transit

Our clinic is easily accessible via BC Transit. Within a 1 block radius of our clinic the following buses have stops: 1, 2, 3, 4, 21, 27, 28, 30, 31, 50, 70

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